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First rule of political media: “Maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses.” – Fox News, June 25, 2015

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Adam Goodman was on set with Fox & Friends Thursday, June 25 to discuss the rules of political openers, the media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential candidates, and the 13 GOP candidates for the presidential bid.

Bobby Jindal’s “hidden camera” style video announcement of his candidacy launched a renewed conversation about presidential openers.

“These are basically the introductions that the candidates are having to America,” said Goodman. “You start out by trying to maximize your virtues and minimize your weaknesses.”

Goodman called Jindal’s roll-out video one of the worst among the 2016 video announcements.

“It’s unfortunate. Bobby Jindal did more in 28 years – his first 28 years of life than most people do in 28 lifetimes. You didn’t get any of that from these roll-out videos.”

Goodman referred to Marco Rubio’s roll-out video as an example of what to do in candidates’ introductions to the nation.

“He is trying to project his freshness. He’s different,” said Goodman. “Also that he’s going to bring in a different way.”

But Rubio’s campaign is not without obstacles.

“The challenge for Marco is to prove he’s got the experience to be the hands-on leader of the free world despite lacking executive experience to date.”

Doocy asked Goodman to explain Donald Trump’s introduction and place in the GOP race.

“The way I put it is ‘we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired’,” said Goodman. “And I think Donald really hit that chord very nicely.”

“He puts on quite a show and I think he’s got a voice in this campaign.”

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