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America to Clinton: We’re tired of being lied to – Fox News, August 19, 2015

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“There’s nothing funny about putting our national security at risk,” said Ashley Intartaglia on Fox News’ Strategy Room with host Lauren Green. Intartaglia was joined by fellow political strategist Kelly Grace Gibson to discuss Clinton’s recent jokes and allusions about her Secretary of State emails.

“She’s going to have to confront this,” said Intartaglia. “She can’t deflect this anymore.”

As the campaign rolls on, more and more Americans are showing a lack of faith in Clinton’s ability to lead. Recent polls show that beyond policies and where Clinton stands on major issues, the American people simply don’t trust her.

“The American people are sending her a very big message: we’re tired of being lied to and we’re tired of Hillary Clinton treating us like we’re stupid,” said Intartaglia. “We’re wide awake, our eyes are open, and we’re not going to let you get away in silence anymore.”

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