Adam Goodman

Americans looking for change in Congress – CNN, October 11, 2015

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Everyone is talking about the candidates for Speaker of the House as the race to replace John Boehner heats up. Adam Goodman appeared on CNN live this Sunday to discuss candidates, including the Victory Group’s own Daniel Webster.

“Americans want not just a change in name for speaker, they want a fundamental change in how congress does business,” said Goodman. “It’s less a struggle over ideology than it is to try to find an answer to making that institution work.”

Overall, Americans have lost faith in congress and its ability to actually affect change and accomplish core tasks.

“Dan [Webster] has been there before,” said Goodman. “He did the same thing in the Florida House as Speaker of the House… it was one of the most productive periods in modern-day history in Florida.”

Though Congressman Paul Ryan (who is best known as the Republican Vice President nominee from the 2012 election) may still be considering running for the speakership, Goodman says other candidates with more experience in leadership roles may still prove successful.

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