Biden seeks tax reform and possibly the Democratic presidential nomination – Fox Business, September 8, 2015

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As chatter around the increasing wealth gap grows, the buzz surrounding Joe Biden and his potential run for president is also becoming louder. Adam Goodman joined Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman on Neil Cavuto’s Coast to Coast (Fox Business) to discuss presidential candidates’ stances on tax policies and Biden’s focus on increasing taxes for the wealthy to help pay for healthcare and other government programs.

“The Vice President has been in favor… of increasing the capital gains tax, of increasing the death tax,” said Goodman. Biden, who has often spoken out in favor of increasing taxes on the rich to cover government spending, spoke out on Labor Day in favor of tax reform.

Not all agree that increasing taxes on the nation’s wealthiest will solve the nation’s financial problems. “When you tax… those who are investing in American business, that’s full of risk and the rewards are uncertain if you start to play with that kind of capitalist system that has worked so well for us through the years.”

Goodman said that American displeasure with uneven taxation is causing new light to be shed on these issues as presidential candidates discuss their positions.

“Most Americans would say we need tax reform,” said Goodman. “Most people in America… are feeling very disenfranchised and disconnected – not just from the body politic, but from the economic system.”

As Hillary Clinton’s popularity wavers, many Democrats are looking for more options for their party’s presidential nomination and are turning to Biden.

“The idea of a Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket, who would really focus, I think, on economic populism, is a real shift in a race that started with the insiders, moved to the outsiders,” said Goodman. “Now we’re moving back to maybe another alternative of two insiders who are taking on the system themselves.”


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