Bondi’s endorsement of Trump influences voters – MSNBC, March 15, 2016

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Marc Caputo and Adam Goodman assessed the impact that State Attorney General Pam Bondi’s endorsement of Donald Trump may have had on today’s primaries in Florida. Adam Goodman looked at Rubio’s path going forward as many accurately predicted he could not carry his home state.

“Marco Rubio, you could say, was the comeback kid years ago when he took on and defeated a very popular Charlie Crist,” said Goodman. “He’s put out there the idea that Florida is his home, and this is where he was going to be strong.”

When polls closed, Rubio had come in a distant second to Trump, who will now carry all of the delegates from Florida, a winner-take-all state.

Goodman said that Rubio has little path forward to the Utah primary after losing Florida.

Of Bondi’s endorsement, Goodman said: “That was a very significant endorsement at a very significant time. She is arguably the most popular Republican statewide office holder, and in the 11th hour, I think that puts to rest a lot of the questions that have been raised in recent days.”

Bondi’s endorsement may have assuaged those who had reservations about an outsider running for the Republican nomination.

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