Cory Booker: Newark’s Batman

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I have a confession to make. I’m slightly obsessed with Super-Mayor Cory Booker. Since being elected, he’s rescued a dog on the verge of hypothermia, and fireman-carried his neighbor from her burning home, saving her life. He even invited people from Twitter to come to his house after hurricane Sandy when their power went out.
Search for #CoryBookerStories on Twitter and some pretty hysterical
folklore can be found. Many posts depicting the perils faced by
hurricanes and burning buildings alike that proved no match against
Newark’s heroic Mayor.
My favorite “Cory Booker Story”?

There’s no arguing that Cory Booker IS the Batman of Newark, but he’s
also a superhero of sorts in another realm; social media.
In a recent Tech Crunch interview Mayor Booker made it crystal clear why as an elected official he loves
“My government now can move a lot quicker because I don’t have to wait [for] a field director from the
engineering department to discover something. We don’t have to wait for someone to write an email.”
Talk about “doing vs. delegating”. But there was another area Booker touched on during this interview that
really elevates him to superhero status in my mind. And that’s his viewpoint on censoring his critics on
So many elected officials and candidates are terrified of using social media because eventually…someone’s
going to disagree with them or say something mean.
However, in true Batman/Chucknorris/Super-Mayor fashion…Cory Booker doesn’t even flinch.
In fact…he retweets people’s disgruntled posts, citing that “ultimately…your critics should make you
humble,” and when you make mistakes, “don’t hide from them…let people know you’re human too”. More
like super human, Mr. Mayor.
Whether you agree with his politics or not, Mayor Booker’s heroic approach to leading his city by
example…is resonating with people.
In fact…I wouldn’t be surprised if the citizens of Newark are commissioning an official Cory Booker bat
signal as we speak.

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