Cuba, Congressional Lines, and Presidential Politics – WEDU’s Florida This Week, July 24, 2015

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Adam Goodman joined host Rob Lorei and co-panelists Jim Davis, Eric Deggans, and Kathleen McGrory on WEDU’s Florida This Week to talk about current statewide topics.

On Friday, July 24, talking points included Florida’s role in diplomatic relationships between the U.S. and Cuba, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s run for the Republican Presidential nomination, Congressman David Jolly’s upcoming campaign for U.S. Senate, and the Florida legislative session set to redraw state congressional maps.

The discussion began with Cuba. When asked if the Republican presidential candidates will continue to oppose President Obama’s sanctions on Cuba, Goodman said “We can’t undo what history has taught us from Cuba,” citing Cuba’s many political and human rights transgressions.

“This is a fresh issue. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I think the Republican presidential candidates will be united on this one.”

Goodman also responded to talk that former St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker may get into the house race. If Baker were to run for David Jolly’s House seat, he may face former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

“If Charlie Crist and Rick Baker went at it over a Congressional seat –over anything – it would be one of the most watched political stories of the year across the country,” said Goodman, noting that “if the lines are favorable,” Rick Baker may be a serious possibility for the congressional seat.

Panelists also discussed the Presidential race and candidates strengths and weaknesses, including those of outlier Donald Trump.

“He’s a fascinating example of something we haven’t seen in presidential politics, maybe ever,” said Goodman. “He’s telling it like it is for a lot of people.”

Goodman cautioned, however, that Trump’s “telling it like it is” may come back to haunt him later in the campaign.

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  1. It does’nt matter what country or what political party is involved, All politicians eventually consider only one thing…re-election. It doesn’t matter what their original motivation was, re-election will become their “God”…all else is secondary.


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