Death of Final Cut Pro

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For many applications, upgrades to software seem to be a no brainer. The thought is: It’s new, it must be better! Where in case of Final Cut Pro X this is not true at all. In all actuality, it’s a completely new tool, for a completely new group of users.

From an outside look at the software, it has been built from scratch from the ground up. With a pro-sumer look of Apple’s basic editor “I Movie” this is a over the top “I Movie Pro” with some new tools. Currently in its version of 10.0.8 some of the features that were pulled from version 7 have returned in these upgrades. Many of its features have been stripped out and will never return. What may seem legacy now to Apple is still being used in the professional field today for example: “Print to Tape”.

Problem for professionals, there’s not a public timeline for new releases and no real public communication of what their future will hold in Final Cut Pro.

Many post production companies have stayed with FCP 7. With Hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in editing systems and time sensitive work flows. Waiting to see what was going to be a reliable future solution. As of now the clear choice seems to be Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS6 with a look and feel of what many have thought of as Final Cut Pro 8. The ability to have your shortcuts set to replicate FCP 7 and tools and workspace layout in very similar locations. And most of all, 64 bit support to utilize all of your memory that never would get touched in FCP 7. It’s a standout tool that many might possibly already have in their Adobe Production suite if they use Photoshop or After Effects.

Other options like Avid Media Composer and Smoke are great products with reliable releases but lack a smooth transition if coming off Final Cut Pro. With many still stuck in 2009 and support non- existent it is a dead software and Premiere is the best choice for a smooth transisition.


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