Democratic primary pits Bernie vs. Hillary and Heart vs. Mind – Fox News, February 19, 2016

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adam goodmanHillary Clinton’s message isn’t winning over young African American and Latino voters, and at this critical stage in the election, it may be time to switch tactics. Adam Goodman, Victory Group president, and Democratic strategist Ellen Ratner joined Patti Ann Browne on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss what Hillary could do to regain the youth vote.

“What’s really in play here is the survival of Hillary’s campaign,” said Goodman. “If she suddenly starts to take on water among African Americans, which has been a tried and true base for both Clintons, then she’s going to find she’s no longer commanding the bully pulpit.”

“She has an enthusiasm gap with Bernie [Sanders]. She has to find a way to make it up in an ironic kind of way,” said Goodman.

Goodman says that the young African American vote could help close the gap between Clinton and Sanders in upcoming primaries.

Sanders, who has developed large support among young voters, has steadily gained on Clinton in the polls in recent weeks.

“People are really tuned in,” said Goodman of record turnout in Iowa and New Hampshire. “The Democrats are going to have an election that will pit heart vs. mind, and I’m not sure how it comes out yet.”

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