DNC criticized for ignoring ISIS – Fox News; July 27, 2016

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There are many stark differences between the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week and the Democratic National Convention currently ongoing in Philadelphia, and chief among those differences in discussion topics is the lack of time spent addressing ISIS and the thread of Islamic Terrorism. The Democratic platform hasn’t spent much time addressing national security, and defense and prevention of these threats, and many are wondering why.

Adam Goodman joined Juan Williams live for Fox News’ DNC Coverage.

“It’s inexplicable,” said Goodman. “It’s almost an apology for messing up and being stronger about our national security, our national defense, our trade treaties.”

“It’s making people feel uncomfortable that the Democratic party is not willing to address what makes them clearly uncomfortable,” said Goodman.

Republican Party nominee Donald Trump and his VP pick Mike Pence have been criticized on the other end of the spectrum as they call for some isolationist policies that would distance us from Muslim allies in the Middle East necessary to help fight terrorism.

Hillary Clinton, in contrast, has called for more American leadership in working with our allies to combat terrorism.

“All we know as Americans is what we feel and what we hear,” said Goodman. “What we hear and feel is that this is a more dangerous world. After being assured ISIS is on the run, they seem to have us on the run at times in different places all over the world.”

Goodman also said that Americans are looking for policy that says “America is back.”

Goodman also called the lack of balance the DNC’s address of police shootings “unforgivable.” Earlier today, the mothers of several men killed by police officers spoke at the convention, but there was no representation for officers assassinated in the line of duty.

Watch the complete, extensive interview below.

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