DNC Hotter, Less Organized and Less Predictable than RNC – Money, Power and Politics; July 28, 2016

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Adam Goodman offered a Republican’s perspective from the Democratic National Convention today on Money, Power and Politics with Craig Patrick.

“It’s hotter, a little less organized, but the fireworks have already begun,” said Goodman, noting the unpredictable nature of the DNC.

“Controversy, things that don’t go according to script, those are all made-for-order television,” said Goodman. “The Democrats have three more days to basically right their ship.”

Goodman, who is currently in Philadelphia at the DNC, says that the broadcast coverage of the convention doesn’t capture the event in its entirety. “Last night, even though the television audience saw what seemed to be a very tightly choreographed – at times entertaining – way off the charts liberal presentation of ideology, what was happening on the floor… was a far different story.”

To see the interview with Goodman, skip to 13:09.

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