Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders are the “New American Transformers” – Context Florida; April 5, 2016

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Adam Goodman’s new op-ed “Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders are the ‘New American Transformers'” has been published by Context Florida.

“There’s a new reality show in America generating ratings and rave reviews before an audience that had been waiting a long time for it to begin.

It’s called “The New American Transformers,” but unlike the “Transformer” movies this series does not revolve around a galactic battle but something much more down to Earth.

It is a story about Americans looking to transform a system that’s broken, in a country that’s lost its way, led by politicians who’ve become more interested in self-preservation than national revival.”

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  1. To include Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in any other context except that they are both running for the Presidential election is where it should end.
    Where can there be any similarities. They are diametrically opposed on all points, if I am incorrect, please let me know where they have any other similarity except perhaps the same gender.

    I can only speak for myself , but I have had my fill of sandbagging,2faced politicians . I have had enough of the enforced socialism over that’s 7plus years, enough of financial abuse of our system, enough of forced compassion for the very people who would like to see us all dead.

    It’s time for the biggest change Washington has ever seen. Time to wash down the filthy aisles of congress and the miserable weak willed job of all of our Senate.

    Whom do you think will make that happen?. Bernie boy or Trump?
    Think very hard, discuss this meaningfully with many different people, not just with your pals, this will give you more insight.
    If you can do it, read both of their personal histories.

    I’m going out on a limb, but personally I think the best outcome for the USA will be Trump as President, and balance him with Dr. Carson asV.P.
    I think more can be done through that team than anything else I have seen and reviewed among the group of current players.

    What do YOU think?
    Consider it.

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