What Donald Trump can learn from Bernie Sanders to win the presidency. – Op-Ed in Tampa Bay Times; March 8, 2016

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Adam Goodman, President of The Victory Group, has published an op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times discussing the unique nature of the Florida primary election and what Donald Trump can learn from the enthusiastic movement Bernie Sanders has created nationwide.

Though Sanders and Trump lie on opposite ends of the political spectrum, the movements they’ve created have several similarities. Goodman writes:

“Donald Trump could use Bernie Sanders to help him win the presidency.

Trump, like Sanders, can decry how Americans are tired of losing.

Trump, like Sanders, can say that the system is rigged against opportunity and success.

Trump, like Sanders, can bemoan the influence of big-money super PACs telling us what to do, how to think and, ultimately, how to vote.

Trump, like Sanders, is a messenger for the frustration of a country that is now questioning its institutional pillars.”

Read the entire op-ed on the Tampa Bay Times website.


  1. Trump resonates strongly with conservative middle America who see he is not part of the elite nor has he taken initiation into any secret societies. Unlike Sanders, Trump has strong leadership qualities and unlike Sanders Trump loves America and it’s citizens and wants to make America all it can be, namely, great again . Voting for Trump will make a difference.

  2. What makes you think Bernie doesn’t care about people but Trump does? Bernie has fought for civil rights for over 50 years while Trump ships jobs overseas and encourages slave labor. Not to mention he is racist, a xenophobe, and a sociopath!

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