Donald Trump is finally serious about running for president – Fox News, June 16, 2015

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Adam Goodman appeared on’s Strategy Room to discuss Donald Trump’s announcement that he is running for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016.

“He’s a master brander,” says Goodman. “He’s talking to the disaffected, not the intelligentsia. He’s talking about things that really bug people, like a loss of leadership and loss of position for America in the world.”

Goodman says that one of Trump’s assets is the fact that he is an outsider, and has hands-on executive experience.

“He’s going to talk to average Americans about what’s going on in day to day life in a way that is unfiltered, unbridled, and maybe has some kind of impact.”

“He’s got a message that may not make him President of the United States, but it will certainly generate attention.”

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