Is Donald Trump seeking the deal of the century? – Money, Power, and Politics; April 17, 2016

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Adam Goodman joined Tampa’s Fox 13 political correspondent Craig Patrick on Money, Power, and Politics to talk about the future of the Trump campaign and the possibilities for a deal with Ted Cruz.

While Trump publically antagonizes the “rigged” delegate system, Goodman says the ‘great American deal-maker’ may be pursuing an agreement with Cruz and the GOP establishment to secure his place as the Republican nominee.

“If you were to read his book ‘Art of the Deal,’ you get a sense that it’s where [the GOP convention] could go,” said Goodman.

“If he looks like he’s not going to make it, I think he cuts the deal of the century,” said Goodman. Trump could partner with Cruz to combine their power and create a ticket that would be difficult to deny.

The segment on a potential Trump/Cruz deal begins at 9:26.

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