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Fox News Changes Presidential Debates, Donald Trump’s 12th Commandment – Judge Jeanine (Fox News), August 9, 2015

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Have we witnessed a change in how Presidential debates are handled from 2015 forward? Adam Goodman said on Judge Jeanine that he believes Fox News has created a new standard that other networks will have to follow into the 2016 election and beyond, less they seem “peakid” and weak in their approach to questioning.

Goodman’s advice for upcoming debates and forums in the bloated Republican primary field is for candidates to be ready for everything.

“Get prepared for just about anything that comes at you… usually you have a warm-up in debates where the first couple of questions give a sense of, you might say ‘comfort.’ They get their legs underneath them and they’re ready to go at it,” said Goodman.

“The warm up in this debate was when the candidates walked on stage.”

If this first appearance acted as a rapid-fire introduction (or in some cases, a re-introduction) to the American people for candidates, the next one will be drastically different.

“The next debate there’s going to be a higher level of expectation that the engagement is going to be more specific, more directed, and probably at the end of the day, more telling,” said Goodman.

Also changing the GOP debates is the competitive attitude that some candidates have adopted. Ronald Reagan coined the 11th Commandment, “speak ill of no Republican,” however, that commandment is already being broken.

“I think Donald Trump has now created a 12th Commandment – speak ill of every Republican.”

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