Gitmo’s potential closure transcends politics – Fox News, November 11, 2015

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Adam Goodman talked about the closure of Guantanamo Bay with Strategy Room host Patti and Brown and fellow political strategist Joe Lestingi. Though Congress has passed legislation to ban the transfer of prisoners from Cuba to the United States, President Obama may still be looking at taking executive action to close the prison before the end of his term despite potential complications.

With the nation divided on the closure or maintenance of the prison, many are taking sides on this issue that transcends politics.

“We’re in war against terrorism,” said Goodman. “There are different rules in play that are in the very direct, bottom-line interest of the security of the people of this country. I have no problem maintaining Gitmo, I think most Americans feel that way.”

Goodman also called Guantanamo Bay a “symbol of Americans fighting back” against terrorists worldwide.

The current question is, if Guantanamo Bay is closed, where will prisoners go? United States detention centers in Kansas, Colorado, and South Carolina have been identified by the Department of Defense as potential destinations for the 112 current Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Goodman asserted that if you polled citizens in the three potential detention states for prisoners on their openness to receiving Guantanamo Bay prisoners in their state, that their answer would be a “resounding and clear ‘no.’”

Despite the complex nature of the issue, the President may still seek executive action.

“It seems like every time the president doesn’t get his way… he brings in the words executive order, and this is just another example.”

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