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Cuba, State of the Union, and the State of the 2016 Presidential Race (NewsMax TV’s “Midpoint”)

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Adam Goodman on NewsMaxTVAdam Goodman, president of The Victory Group, was a guest on NewsMaxTV’s Midpoint with host Ed Beriner to discuss the upcoming State of the Union Address, the Dodd-Frank reforms, and Cuba.

According to The White House, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act will “prevent the excessive risk-taking” that led to the financial crisis beginning in 2008. The law creates a  “new consumer watchdog” and promises to the exploitation of potential homeowners looking to mortgage homes and those who utilize pay-day lenders.

Adam Goodman states that the Dodd-Frank reforms have “already had a chilling effect because of costs, regulations, and uncertainty, and that comes downstream at all of us.”

Recent agreements to normalize relations with Cuba have also created conversation around the country in recent weeks. Adam Goodman has maintained throughout that recent sanctions are without precedent and are inappropriate at this point.

“This country must never reward bad behavior and tyranny,” says Goodman.

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