Governor Scott calls for end to “Stop Trump” movement – WFLA; April 28, 2016

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Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for an end to the “Stop Trump” movement among GOP candidates and voters. Scott, who has consistently supported the Trump campaign, says that the movement is hurting the Republican party’s chances of taking the White House in November and is helping the Clinton cause.

Adam Goodman talked to WFLA’s political correspondent Candace McCowan about Scott’s remarks.

“The only one that’s been stopping Trump at different points along the way is Trump,” said Goodman.

Of the Kasich/Cruz agreement to block Trump from getting delegates during the remaining primaries, Goodman said: “It was a private strategy that was suddenly rolled out in headlines feeding into the Trump narrative that the inside will do everything possible to stop him.”


  1. How many times do people have to be told that it is not a plan for Ted and Carly to try to stop Trump. The reason had announced his VP early is so the people would know in advance who they are getting help him lead America back to the way she was supposed to be when the forefathers founded her. Stop saying they are trying to stop Trump because it’s a lie and you should be ashamed to keep saying this period makes you as much of a liar and deceiver as well as divider Trump.

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