Has Adversarial Trump Damaged GOP Relationship with Hispanic Voters? – Fox News, August 26, 2015

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When Donald Trump had a confrontation with Jorge Ramos, an Univision reporter, during a recent press conference, he did not do himself any favors with Hispanic voters. Adam Goodman and fellow political strategist Stephen Cobb joined host Gregg Jarrett on FoxNews.com’s Strategy Room to discuss public opinion of Trump’s policy.

Despite Trump’s polarizing language on the matter, his thoughts on immigration continue to be put in the spotlight and are talked about nationwide.

“He is still on point in terms of Republican and American frustrations with immigration,” said Goodman. “I think he profits from this. I think his ratings continue to go up, as, probably, Univision’s do as well, because I think they want to be a major player in the debate about immigration.”

With Trump’s ability to get media attention for all the wrong reasons, many Republicans are worried that his views will impact opinions of other party candidates.

“You already see there’s almost no collateral damage… to other Republicans in the field,” said Goodman, nothing that only 18% of the Republican primary presidential vote will be Hispanic.

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