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Hillary backtracks on Trans-Pacific Partnership; prepares for Biden entering race. – Fox News, October 8, 2015

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Though Hillary Clinton served a full term as part of the Obama administration, she is currently trying to distance herself from the presidential agenda. Clinton, who previously supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership, has now come out against it, saying that instead, we need a trade agreement to create American jobs, raise wages, and increase national security.

“I am not in favor of what I have learned about it,” said Clinton.

Adam Goodman joined host Patti Ann Brown and fellow political strategist Ellen Ratner to discuss Clinton’s stance on the partnership and the president’s plans.

Both Goodman and Ratner agreed that Clinton changed her stance on the agreement for political reasons.

“Hillary is now hacking away at her own record,” says Goodman of Hillary’s flip-flopping tendencies. “She’s changing her tune on immigration, gay marriage, the Keystone pipeline, [and] provisions of Obamacare… and now she’s going after something that she called the ‘gold standard’ of trade agreements.”

“Hillary is preparing herself for… Joe Biden,” says Goodman. “She’s trying to position herself against the very administration that she served as Secretary of State for 5 years.”

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