Controlling the Message – Fox News, September 3, 2015

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Adam Goodman appeared on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the seemingly endless Clinton email scandal. Bryan Pagliano, a former aide to Clinton who helped set up her private email server, and now a critical witness, has elected to plead the 5th in the ongoing investigation to avoid testifying against the former Secretary of State before a congressional committee.

“She no longer controls the entire message,” said Goodman. Had Clinton been forthright at the beginning, she may have been able to avoid some of the intense scrutiny and damage to her presidential campaign.

Goodman’s co-panelist Ellen Ratner stated that any impact on Hillary’s bid for the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination will be determined by the findings of the FBI and her actions going forward in the investigation.

Goodman disagreed, saying Hillary’s actions may have already damaged Americans’ trust. 

“One of the big tests of anyone running for President or any position of public trust is how they handle tough questions and adversity, and I don’t think we’re getting a very good feel for how Hillary would do that as President of the United States.”

“The best thing that can happen to Hillary right now is to get a serious opponent for the Democratic nomination and change the story,” said Goodman.

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