Hillary unable to change the conversation from email scandal – Fox Business News, August 31, 2015

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Appearing today with Trish Regan on Fox Business News’ “The Intel Report”, Adam Goodman said Hillary Clinton’s inability to “change the conversation” ensures that the monthly releases of her private emails will continue defining, and hurting, her candidacy.

“Americans are looking for ‘real and genuine’, and they’re not getting that from Hillary…her candidacy could be in trouble,” Goodman said today.

In response to a question about the Trump surge, Goodman added “underneath it all, the audience is changed, willing to hear things differently…and accept things differently that they have in past campaigns.”

“And maybe that’s the magic of what’s happening with Donald Trump, and all the outsiders.”

Goodman also said the best things that could happen to Hillary Clinton is a competitive challenge in the Democratic Primary; to help change the narrative and give her a chance to get back on her game.

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