Is Clinton’s debate performance enough to stop Joe Biden? – Fox News, October 14, 2015

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Photo: “Biden Obama” by Daniel Schwen – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

Debates for the 2016 Presidential nominations continued on Tuesday night with CNN’s Democratic debate featuring party favorites Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton’s performance has been already been touted as excellent, showing an even firmer foothold in the race. However, recent polls have shown that Joe Biden is polling stronger against Republicans than Clinton – so is her strong debate enough to discourage the Vice President from entering the race?

Ashley Intartaglia joined Democratic strategist Joe Lestingi on’s Strategy Room to discuss whether or not there’s an opening for Biden among the other Democratic candidates.

“I think he does still have a place,” said Intartaglia. “Joe Biden could really be the best thing that happens to Hillary Clinton if he chooses to get into this race. He would sharpen her skill and get her more ready for primetime.”

“Uncle” Joe Biden’s friendly, open demeanor and focus on family is a sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton’s colder public persona, leading many to believe he could become the favorite among Democrats and the nation.

Intartaglia cautioned that the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails as Secretary of State could still impact the race. “If that FBI investigation takes her out of play, which it very well might, the Democrats are in a silent panic over who is going to fill those shoes,” said Intartaglia. “They need to find a backup… whose name isn’t Bernie Sanders.”

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