Is Donald Trump serious about running for President? -Fox News, May 2015

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Is Donald Trump serious about running for President? Adam Goodman joined co-panelist Emily Tisch Sussman on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss Trump’s potential for the presidency.

“Anyone who deigns to know what’s inside the mind of Donald Trump is taking great risk,” said Goodman.

“His message is ‘let’s just get this done’,” said Goodman. Trump’s experience as a businessman gives him a unique perspective among other Republican candidates.

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  1. No! No! No! Donald Trump will not, under any circumstances, recieve my vote for POTUS!

    He should invest in letting that dream go… Permanently!

  2. As long as he’s against legal and illegal immigration, I’d vote for him.

  3. I would not vote for this man, i rather vote for rossie for that matter, clinton has my vote she is a stronge women and we need her we in 2015 this is a womens world lets make a change….she cares she wise and she is real

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