“Leaders are best known for what they do in crises;” Trump wins big in flooded Louisiana – O’Reilly Factor; August 19, 2016

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Donald Trump is one of the first public figures to visit Louisiana and witness the devastation of recent floods and has issued a challenge for President Obama to do the same instead of finishing his vacation. Hillary Clinton has also been noticeably absent from Louisiana but has asked her supporters to donate to charities in the region.

The O’Reilly Factor consulted expert Adam Goodman on the impact Trump’s support for the flood victims will have on Americans’ perception of his leadership capabilities.

“Leaders are known best for what they do in a crisis,” said Goodman. “You look at examples of that all throughout political history. You see Jeb Bush here in Florida, known best for what he did in Hurricane Charley and the series of hurricanes that followed. He really measured up. Nikki Haley in South Carolina with that horrible shooting in the church at the Emmanuel AME. She stood up, and she measured up. And, of course, probably the best example is Rudy Guiliani in New York when, after 9/11, he held a country together through command and empathy.”

“These are things you look for in terms of leadership stripe, and Donald Trump actually came up big today on that score,” said Goodman. 

Goodman said that Trump needed to show up for the people of Louisiana in this crisis, and reminded viewers that Obama’s record on presence during crises is less than stellar. Obama was not present following the terrorist attacks in Paris, and was at a baseball game in Havana when terrorists struck again in Brussels.

 “When it comes to big moments like that, you expect someone who really cares to be there, and Donald Trump was there,” said Goodman.

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