Malik Obama Supports Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Makes Excellent First Impression – Newsmax; July 26, 2016

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Adam Goodman says that, in light of the post-convention polls showing substantial Trump support, he’s not surprised that Malik Obama – President Obama’s brother – says he will be voting for Donald Trump.

“I expect a bit of a rebound after the next couple of days,” said Goodman.

Goodman also says that the most important speech of the DNC will come not from nominee Hillary Clinton, but from Bernie Sanders.

“Bernie Sanders ran on a platform that said the system is rigged… he created a revolution, but the revolutionaries here in Philadelphia… they’re angry.”

Goodman, who is in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention, says there is fear among Sanders supporters that their leader will “sell out” and urge his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump.

“He’s got to thread a needle,” said Goodman of Sanders’ upcoming speech. “He’s got to forge some kind of unity within the Democratic party.”

Goodman also noted that Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump’s son, made an excellent first impression at the Republican National Convention that could support a potential run for Mayor of New York in the future.

Goodman, who is familiar with New York City and its politics after working with Rudy Giuliani, says the younger Donald Trump can go anywhere after his excellent first impression.

“What he is doing is saying straight out ‘this is who I am, this is what I want to do, this is what I want to get done,” said Goodman. “And this election is a referendum on a system that’s not getting stuff done, and he fits that to a T.”

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