Marco Rubio zeroes in on Ted Cruz, seeks establishment mantle – Fox News, December 7, 2015

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As the race for the GOP Presidential nomination continues, candidates are changing their campaign strategies to react to other Republicans in the field and current events. Marco Rubio, for instance, has begun taking aim at Ted Cruz. As The New York Times reported, Rubio’s campaign is looking to raise doubt on Cruz’s “toughness on national security” as fears surrounding terrorism rise.

“As Republicans, we think competition is good,” said Goodman. “This is an important part of the process.”

Goodman says that Rubio has gone from flying under the radar to getting more attention nationally. Cruz’s grassroots, social-media driven campaign has thus far been aimed at far-right conservatives, while Rubio has focused more on the mainstream as he tries to “inherit the establishment mantle,” says Goodman.

Rubio has recently risen in the polls and, as of late November, has 17% of Republican support, coming in second to Donald Trump.

“I think there’s still plenty of time beyond Cruz and Rubio and Trump for there to be the emergence of another player,” says Goodman. “I think conversation and competition of ideas is good, unlike the Democratic forum which is a coronation.”


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