Money, Power, Politics-December 14, 2016

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Fox News commentator Adam Goodman joined Money, Power, Politics host Merissa Lynn to discuss President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Trump and his team garnered mixed reviews this week at the announcement that Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson would head up the Department of State.

“If you look at it in conventional terms, you might say ‘wait a minute, not a lot of foreign policy and certainly no government experience, but this fits the Trump model for what he’s trying to do. Which is bringing players from outside the process. People who have been very successful in the business world, and thinks their drive to make the bottom line work is something that would work across all spectrums including this selection of Secretary of State,” said Goodman.

“This is a radically different way to change the system, and President-elect Trump is living true to his word in going after it with everything he’s got,” continued Goodman.

Watch the complete interview at the link below.

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