Money. Power. Politics-November 29, 2016

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Fox News commentator Adam Goodman joined Craig Patrick on Money, Power, Politics to discuss the state of the world post-Fidel Castro, the “Jill Stein Recounts”, and Trump’s possible cabinet appointments.

On the passing of Castro: “The President-elect is going to try and strike a more appropriate deal [with Cuba], or tell Raúl Castro and his government to take a hike,” said Goodman.

On the Jill Stein recounts: “It’s not going anywhere ultimately. [And] Jill Stein gotten more press in the last week than she did running for President for a full year,” said Goodman.

On Trumps possible cabinet picks: “The President-elect can either try to show presidential maturity, and hands across the political seas and try to embrace someone like Romney while taking on a lot of grief from his own base. Or he can remember why he ran for President in the first place, because he was running against the system,” said Goodman.

Watch the complete interview below.

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