Is Oklahoma abortion bill setting up Supreme Court showdown?

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Oklahoma’s recent abortion bill would revoke the license of all doctors that perform an abortion.

Adam Goodman and Holly Shulman joined host Gregg Jarrett on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the possible implications if this Oklahoma bill were to go to the Supreme Court.

Ultimately, Adam Goodman feels that this is not an issue that Republicans should be embracing as a lead moment in this campaign season.  Instead, Goodman said, “I would argue for Donald Trump and all Republicans lets focus on the affairs of the nation.”

Holly’s statement that Republicans lack an understanding or appreciation of the Supreme Court is completely inaccurate to Goodman, who later responded by saying: “The biggest issue for Republicans this campaign season beyond defeating Hillary Clinton is the Supreme Court.”

With 3 or 4 possible new Supreme Court justices coming up in the next couple presidential terms, the Supreme Court is going to be a place that the country should keep its eye on. “This is a consequential election that I think will determine not only the direction of that court for 25 years but in many cases policy.”

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