Open, honest discussion on race relations needed for healing – NewsmaxTV, June 19, 2015

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Photo by Nomader: Charleston residents gather at a memorial service to mourn at the Morris Brown AME Church.


Adam Goodman joined co-panelist Carol Roth and host Ed Berliner on NewsmaxTV’s Midpoint to discuss the horrific  shooting inCharleston, S.C., and how America can come to grips with the tragedy and take measures to prevent similar acts of violence in the future.

“The president did nothing to advance the cause of a sober argument,” says Goodman of President Obama’s statement on gun control following the shooting, calling the timing of the discussion poor.

Goodman and Roth discuss reactions to the shooting, gun control, and race relations in the segment.

“The state of race relations in this country has us all on tenterhooks,” said Goodman. “The best thing we can do and do immediately is to openly and fully discuss that as a society.”

Watch the full segment here.

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