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Today the unconventional has become the norm, and navigating around danger critical to success, as the world moves in a blur of constant motion.

The Victory Group, a national media, communications and crisis management firm, was designed for success because it was built for speed. After more than three decades, the firm’s scorecard reflects that, having produced award-winning messaging and media for Fortune 500 companies, major league sports, advocacy groups, associations, and more than 450 candidates in 46 states across America.

Within their home base of Florida, the firm has created and produced more winning media campaigns over the past 25 years than any other communications firm in the nation.

August 22, 2017

Learning from history

As a history major in college, I learned three important lessons about the affairs of mankind. Namely, reporting history reflects on those who record it; understanding history reflects on those who hear it; and history is about remembering so it is less likely we repeat those things that later on seem unfathomable. In the hope that we never again ignore the chilling inhumanity of groupthink that once drove a self-proclaimed master race to extinguish more
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in America a great slogan is far more powerful, especially when it drives us to do something, buy something, or believe in something. While creating images that are durable and memorable, slogans distill life’s complexity into simple shorthand. “Be All That You Can Be” inspired young men and women to see the Army as a personal calling. Wheaties’ “Breakfast of Champions” motivated families to view breakfast
The only thing more unpopular today than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at a New England Patriots game or Mel Gibson at a bat mitzvah is Congress. Exhibit A: Recent Gallup polls show Congress stuck in the starting gate. Only 12 percent of Americans express confidence in it, while three out of four believe the institution merits a scarlet letter of dishonor. Both parties. Conservatives and liberals. Men and women. Congress is mired in a muck
The sword of Damocles is set to swing again as Republicans rush to “repeal and replace” Obamacare as promised, Democrats defend it as promised and the public fears whatever happens or doesn’t may not be good for their health. Literally. The conversation about health care reform is reaching full din, fueled by tweets and taunts creating fear and loathing. The politics over health care has become a grim sequel to The Hunger Games, where survival