Who We Are

Today the unconventional has become the norm, and navigating around danger critical to success, as the world moves in a blur of constant motion.

The Victory Group, a national media, communications and crisis management firm, was designed for success because it was built for speed. After more than three decades, the firm’s scorecard reflects that, having produced award-winning messaging and media for Fortune 500 companies, major league sports, advocacy groups, associations, and more than 450 candidates in 46 states across America.

Within their home base of Florida, the firm has created and produced more winning media campaigns over the past 25 years than any other communications firm in the nation.

For the 85th time the mayors of America gathered in the name of progress, more than 250 of them, to proclaim their insurgent independence from politics practiced in spite and politicians too often consumed with it. Instead, the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, set in a resurgent Miami Beach, showcased something remarkable. The mayors thought together, commiserated together, imagined together and pulled together — Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, from the
The bard of all bards beckons us now, to salve our minds and clear our conscience. Shakespeare’s observation about the theater of the real was right. When you strip it all away, much of the din consuming us is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” The sound today comes from a veritable blizzard of news, information and social media pursuing and parsing everything that’s said and everything that’s done. The fury is the attitude
As Washington carnivores line up for front row seats to the sequel of “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming” and the media camp outside congressional hearing rooms excitedly waits to cover the coming out party of fired FBI Director James Comey, White House advisors are considering retreat and retrenchment. Against a gathering storm of media fire and partisan ire, their counsel is to take shelter in the Rose Garden, tighten their already tight-knit
May 16, 2017

The Bully Pulpit

Bully for Donald. These three words, if exercised faithfully, would shepherd President Donald Trump back from a desert of messy messaging to the communications oasis he so deftly mastered during an election that so clearly mattered. Assuming the ides of Comey cometh no more, the still nascent Trump News Network has a bevy of opportunities ahead to do just that as events here and abroad create new storylines by the moment. Kim Jong Krazy is