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Today the unconventional has become the norm, and navigating around danger critical to success, as the world moves in a blur of constant motion.

The Victory Group, a national media, communications and crisis management firm, was designed for success because it was built for speed. After more than three decades, the firm’s scorecard reflects that, having produced award-winning messaging and media for Fortune 500 companies, major league sports, advocacy groups, associations, and more than 450 candidates in 46 states across America.

Within their home base of Florida, the firm has created and produced more winning media campaigns over the past 25 years than any other communications firm in the nation.

The world is about to learn whether we’re witnessing the risk of brinkmanship or the ultimate in statesmanship, built around what recently seemed unimaginable. How else to explain how China could defuse North Korea’s nuclear swagger with one simple tweet from Beijing’s ruler to Pyongyang’s punk: You’re on your own. As North Korea’s only major trading partner, and despite the publicly restive session at the United Nations last week, China may start taking its business
While many don’t choose to openly cheer aggression and retribution as a tool of foreign policy, earlier this month the red, white and blue went black and blue against Bashar Assad, Syria’s reincarnation of Joseph Stalin. And the feeling was good. While Scripture counsels us to “turn the other cheek” in the face of wrong, how can the world turn its collective cheek when bearing witness to a desperate despot gassing innocent women and children
Back in the old peewee football days, when giants were prized more for their mettle of heart than measures of height, strategy emanated from a two-play playbook. It was either “student body right” or “student body left.” Coined half a century ago by the John McKay-led USC Trojans and professionally pioneered by Vince Lombardi’s legendary “Packers sweep,” this football tactic was wonderfully simple: choose a direction, and everyone moves together, in unison, as a force
March 21, 2017

March Madness in DC

There are few things that bring America to its feet like the tribal ritual of “March Madness” — mad because everyone has a chance to dream, to hope that this may be the year, the season to remember, the triumph against all odds. The South Carolina Gamecocks out-duke Duke. Villanova is returned to the Main Line from the nation’s cheese capital. Xavier x’s out the Florida State Seminoles. Game after game after heart-stopping game. Although