Could the Sanders movement derail Hillary Clinton?

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With the upcoming California primary will the latest news about Hillary’s hearing matter in the polls?

Joining host Liz Claman Democratic strategist Craig Varoga and Republican strategist Adam Goodman both present their opinions on the current presidential race in relation to the U.S. economy.

Goodman said “Clinton has her hands full now with Bernie on left, Trump on right, & Inspector General right up the middle”.

Sanders right now is a movement with message and momentum and Hillary will have to deal with not only Bernie Sanders but his movement as well.

When Claman asked “Does Donald trump even need Paul Ryan right now”, Goodman responded by saying, “Paul Ryan and others in Washington need Donald Trump more than he needs them”.

Although recent numbers show that the economy has gone up recently it has happened before and in the long run Goodman feels that it is not enough to address the central question in this presidential campaign: “A broken system that the American people have basically decided they are tired of and want to replace”.

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