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The Ad Wars have just begun. – Fox and Friends, January 8, 2016

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AdamGoodman_FoxNewsChannel_01-08-16_7a.00_01_45_22.Still003Fox and Friends called in political ad expert Adam Goodman to make some serious predictions on the 2016 political ad arena and explain why campaign advertising spending has progressed more rapidly than in previous election cycles. Presidential campaigns have already spent $139 million on advertising campaigns for the 2016 election compared to a mere $35 million at this point in the 2012 cycle.

Goodman joined host Sandra Smith to grade the most recent political ads currently running in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Goodman began by grading a pro-Rubio PAC’s recent attack ad on Chris Christie:

“It’s one of my favorites because this is what happens when a candidate goes from 1% in the polls and is suddenly surging in New Hampshire,” said Goodman. “He’s a blue state Republican having to battle back against ideological weaknesses, but the one line – that last line at the end of the spot – was fabulous. I think media that works is memorable, timely, and relevant.”

“I think on all three [categories], this scored an A,” said Goodman.

Ted Cruz’s new ad touted his victories protecting religious icons and Second Amendment rights.

“It gets a solid A-,” graded Goodman. “He’s going for the conservative lane. Obviously, this is being aimed at voters in Iowa which is more conservative, more evangelical. It’s more to his base.”

“The question is this: is this going to be an ideological election overall or a rebellion against the system,” said Goodman. “I think the verdict is out on that, but for this ad… the ad strikes gold for Iowa.”

Goodman then turned to Bernie Sanders’ ad now airing in Iowa and New Hampshire targeting middle-class voters.

“It gets a B+,” said Goodman. “It lacked a bit of emotional power. However, it is class-warfare writ large. He’s basically saying (to the middle class) ‘it’s us versus them. They’re winning, we’re not. It’s time for us to get in the game’.”

AdamGoodman_FoxNewsChannel_01-08-16_7a.00_00_54_28.Still002Smith asked what differences exist between the 2016 campaign and the 2012 campaign, as current spending is nearly four times higher at the same point in the campaigns.

“It’s very different right now because we’ve gone from the audition to competition. We have a lot of players that are really in the game that have a chance to win the nominations, to win the White House.”


“I think once the starting gun went off after New Year’s, everyone went at it,” said Goodman.

“I think we’ve just seen the beginning, and not just in the presidential campaign. The Ad Wars across America have begun. You think Star Wars was great? Prepare yourself for Ad Wars.”

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