Trump controls narrative on fairness of GOP convention – Fox News; April 20, 2016

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Some are asking if a contested GOP convention is still in the cards after Donald Trump won the New York primary with 60% of the vote. Kasich and Cruz, who followed behind with 25% and 14.5% of the vote respectively. Adam Goodman and Democratic strategist Joe Lestingi joined host Patti Ann Browne on The Strategy Room to discuss the possibility of a contested convention and the fallout that could ensue if Republican leadership defies the will of the people.

“The verdict is already in from the American people,” said Goodman. “They’re saying we want this to be reflective of how we voted.”

Without the required 1,237 delegates, Donald Trump cannot clinch the nomination, leading to a contested convention. Despite this, Goodman says Republican voters may demand Trump become the nominee and could abstain from voting if he is not.

Goodman says that Kasich and Cruz are now tasked with beating a narrative currently controlled by Trump.

“That narrative is fairness. There’s nothing higher on the scale of morality that Americans hold most dear,” said Goodman. “I think that argument is being run squarely by Donald Trump.

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