Trump “negotiates” with Fox News, Carson Earns Muslim Donations – The Hardline (NewsmaxTV), September 23, 2015

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Adam Goodman joined host Ed Berliner and co-panelist Hadley Heath Manning (Senior Policy Analyst for the Independent Women’s Forum) for The Hard Line on Newsmax. In the Political Animals segment, they discussed Donald Trump’s boycott of Fox News and Ben Carson’s rise in popularity among the American Muslim community, leading to increased donations.

Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he will not appear on any more Fox News programming for the foreseeable future following “unfair” treatment.

“I see this as a negotiation,” said Goodman of Trump. “He’s speaking out against those who don’t always speak fondly of him.”

Manning and Goodman agreed that Trump is seeking additional coverage following a slip in the polls. Trump no longer leads the pack of Republican primary contenders.

“Donald Trump is really looking for a second act,” said Goodman. As other candidates earn more coverage, Trump is seeking more favorable coverage. “He’s struggling now for what he does next… he needs a second act that shows he is more ready and more willing to grapple with the issue she might confront as President of the United States.”

Ben Carson, following some controversial remarks about a future Muslim president from Trump,
said that he thought a member of the Muslim community would be as capable as any American in the Oval Office.

“This has become a metaphor for a lot of conservative Republicans for the increasing concern over security, or lack of security, coming from the middle east,” said Goodman. Carson may have struck a nerve because many Republicans might have trouble attaching the word “Muslim” to U.S. foreign policy.

“What he has to do is not lose the kind of character and image he has projected from the very beginning about being not just an outsider, but fresh, reasonable, and down to earth.”

Goodman and Manning also talked about Marco Rubio’s rise in GOP polls, Hillary Clinton’s continuing campaign and Edward Klein’s new book “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary.”

Watch the complete segment here, and then let us know what you think! What should Trump’s second act be? Will Carson’s recent popularity continue?

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