Trump v. Clinton on the Campaign Trail – Fox Business News; August 3, 2016

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Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the official nominees of their parties, it’s time to see the two campaigns go head to head on the campaign trail.

“It’s been a pretty tough 72 hours,” said Goodman of the Trump campaign.

Newt Gingrich called for an intervention involving himself and Rudy Giuliani to convince Trump to reorganize how his campaign is operating and to stop his potentially self-destructive behavior

“I’ve worked with hundreds of campaigns and candidates, and Rudy Giuliani is one of them,” said Goodman. “All [this will be] is people who Donald Trump trusts who are going to have a conversation with him. These are two people that have been there. They’ve run for President before, they’ve had ups and down during their own campaigns for president before. I think he really would listen to both of them very keenly.”

Donald Trump is preparing to hit the campaign trail heavily in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania where Goodman says he has the potential to flip the electoral map.

“These states that you’re talking about… could really hold the key. Beyond that you’re talking about three national presidential debates that will be like political Super Bowls,” said Goodman. “You’re talking about the unknowns and ponderables of events that could happen and one more factor that’s now entered this race – Wikileaks.”

Wikileaks has alluded to bigger leaks that will be worse for Clinton in the coming days.

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