Trump’s tone changes as Clinton enthusiasm falters – Fox News, June 8, 2016

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Donald Trump continues to rack up delegates even after he’s clinched the Republican nomination for President.

Adam Goodman and Joe Lestingi joined host Adam Housley on Fox News’ Strategy Room to talk about Trump’s change in tone and his movement towards a more somber attitude.

“Candidates get better as they start moving downstream,” said Goodman of Trump’s more egalitarian tone.

Goodman says the coming weeks will show an examination of Trump by Clinton as she critiques his fitness for office, and Trump of Clinton by continuing his attacks on her economic and foreign policy record.

“This is going to be a referendum on the system,” said Goodman. “Now that Bernie Sanders is out of the race, there’s one flavor left from the outside, and that’s Donald Trump.”

“We have a long way to go,” said Goodman, who predicts continued straight-talk from Trump over the next five months until the general election.

“Hillary Clinton has a problem with enthusiasm behind her candidacy… she has a problem with integrity,” said Goodman, drawing a distinction between Clinton’s campaign and the Trump-generated movement.

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