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Upcoming Republican Debate To Center On Trump – NewsmaxTV, July 31, 2015

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Adam Goodman joined host Ed Berliner on NewsmaxTV’s The Hard Line on Friday, July 31, 2015 to discuss critical political issues as the August 6 Republican debate draws closer. Goodman and co-panelist Ari Rabin-Havt, host of Sirius XM’s The Agenda discussed Donald Trump’s viability in the upcoming debate and how his new discourse on education with Jeb Bush might unfold.

“Jeb Bush would like nothing better than to have a conversation about education and education reform with every person on the debate stage and every person in America,” said Goodman. ”He dramatically changed the direction in Florida when he was governor.”

“The track record is there, and it kind of speaks for itself,” Goodman said, noting Bush’s reforms in Florida that bettered education, especially for minorities.

When asked how other Republican candidates could address Donald Trump during the debate, Goodman responded, “right now, the debate on August 6 should be renamed ‘The Donald Trump Story, starring Donald Trump and the 9 Apprentices’.”

“If I’m advising any of the other 9 candidates – 9 apprentices – on the stage that day, you have to in some way engage Donald Trump. He is the story. And if you look for the prime character to do that, if you had to select one of the 9… it probably is Chris Christie, who never shunted [sic] away from a fight.”

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