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We must never apologize for protecting the lives of our citizens. – Fox News, December 7, 2015

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Adam Goodman and fellow political strategist Douglas Smith tackled the complex issue of government policy and combating terrorism. Following the recent increase in terrorist attacks worldwide, Hillary Clinton spoke out against considering the war against terrorism a war against a religion.

“There are radicals… in every religion in the world,” said Clinton.

With the debate reignited by the attack in San Bernardino, the political impact of terrorism is having an impact on the 2016 election.

“She’s refusing to call it what it is,” said Goodman of Clinton’s remarks. “The problem here is that this is growing in terms of fear.”

Goodman called President Obama’s December 6th address to the nation on terrorism “odd.” The President appeared behind a podium instead of a more informal, traditional setting.

“It almost felt like he was making a speech as opposed to confiding to the American people how they can feel secure and safe again,” said Goodman, calling for Moderate Muslim leaders to step up and speak out against terror attacks from Islamic extremists.

“While we must always resist the temptation to demonize anyone on the basis of their religion, we must never at the same time apologize for protecting the lives of our citizens,” said Goodman.

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