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What does citizenship mean without secure borders? – Florida This Week (WEDU), August 28, 2015

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Adam Goodman joined host Rob Lorei and fellow guests Darryl Rouson (Democrat, State Representative from 70th District), Lynn Marvin Dingfelder (former television reporter and documentary filmmaker), and Frank Alcock (New College Professor) on WEDU’s Florida This Week on August 28, 2015. Topics included the redrawing of Florida’s congressional districts, Bush vs. Trump on immigration, faltering elementary school safety in St. Petersburg, and the battle for presidency of the state Senate.

There have been three rulings in as many years on changes to the congressional districts, costing taxpayers more than $11 million and leaving congresspeople in flux about whether or not to pursue reelection or seek new positions. The current debate focuses on whether or not the Florida Supreme Court is best suited to rule on the final version of the map.

“This was in the cards from the beginning when the Fair Districts Amendment passed,” said Goodman of the redistricting. “Is a court of law better able… to get to fairness?”

Attentions were also focused on immigration and the recent comments of Bush and Trump on “anchor babies” (children of illegal immigrants who are born on U.S. soil and have American citizenship).

“In terms of ratings, (this is) a winner for both,” said Goodman, who also asserted that all Republicans agree on one thing: close down the border to Mexico.

“Seal the border, secure it, defend it, make sure it’s solid. Because if citizenship doesn’t mean anything other than anyone can walk across a line in the sand and claim to be a citizen of this country, then we’ve got a problem.”

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