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While Hillary wants to make history, she’s also fighting history. – Fox News, July 22, 2015

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Ashley Intartaglia joined host Patti Ann Browne and fellow political consultant Joe Lestingi on FoxNews.com’s Strategy Room to talk about potential match-ups in the 2016 Presidential election based on current polls. New data from several states shows Clinton trailing behind Republican candidates Bush, Walker, and Rubio.

Intartaglia, who agreed that the GOP should focus on these three candidates, noted that while Hillary is “trying desperately to make history, she’s also fighting history.”

“Only 4 times since the Civil War has a candidate of the same party of an 8 year sitting president won the White House,” said Intartaglia, also citing Hillary’s past scandals as an obstacle.

Intartaglia and Lestingi also discuss the factors that influence these head-to-head match-ups in preliminary polling as well as the viability of other Democratic candidates.

Watch the complete interview here.

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