Who will Trump pick as VP? – Fox News, May 5, 2016

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Now that Donald Trump is the sole candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, rumors have begun to circulate about potential picks for vice president and cabinet members.

Adam Goodman and Fox News Bureau Chief and contributor Ellen Ratner joined host Gregg Jarrett on Fox News’ Strategy Room.

“Here are the rules of thumb regarding a vice presidential candidate,” said Goodman. “Rules 1-10 are ‘do no harm.’”

Factors to consider are demographics, age, race, gender, key swing states, ideology, and persona. Trump now has to consider which contenders will add something unique to his ticket.

“Trump has a tremendous range of choices,” Goodman said. “I’d like to add another name – Pam Bondi. She’s the attorney general in her second term, an eighteen-year prosecutor. She’s an outsider that became an insider.”

Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General, has endorsed Trump and has campaigned for him and with him in multiple locations. In place of the congressional experience, Trump is reportedly looking for in a running mate, Bondi brings executive experience from one of the most complex purple states in the country.

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