How will voters react to the FBI’s Clinton decision? -FOX Business July 5, 2016

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PHOTO BY: Gage Skidmore

Still in the midst of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, in USA Today’s latest poll Donald Trump is still trailing behind at 40.4% compared to Hillary Clinton’s lead at 45.6%.

Adam Goodman joined host Liz Claman along with Democratic strategist Christie Setzer to discuss the ramifications of the FBI’s recommendation not to bring criminal charges against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Even after yesterday’s announcement from FBI Director James Comey, Hillary’s email scandal is far from over yet according to Adam Goodman, “Maybe she feels relieved today but the country feels aggrieved because Hillary Clinton did not tell the truth on several occasions,”

Goodman brings up how regardless of the outcome, this entire situation leads to distrust from the public. “She hasn’t told the truth and as you know the most recent FOX polls shows two to one Americans just simply don’t trust her,”

“Truthfulness and candor will never be strong suits of Clinton’s,” not when as Goodman puts it, “She also seems to be someone that the system favors in you might say in a bit of a double standard,”

In response to the FBI’s recommendation Goodman thinks Donald Trump will, “stay right to the message about the economy about a referendum on a system that is rigged and broken,”

Goodman doesn’t think that the American people are going to be able to overlook the way things have been going for eight years to “make a piece of history not just in electing the first woman as president but also in electing the first party to succeed itself after eight years in the White House for the first times since the early 50’s,”

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