Winners, losers, and sleepers in the 2016 GOP race for President – Fox and Friends, June 10, 2015

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On “Fox & Friends” today with Brian Kilmeade, VGI President Adam Goodman assessed “winners, losers, and sleepers” in the 2016 GOP race for President.  Comparing the race to date to the start of the Belmont Stakes race, where everyone believes they may hold a ticket to the winner, Goodman offered three takeaways:

Jeb Bush (‘winner”) remains the top contender based on experience, track record, and an air of authenticity; Rick Santorum (loser) is finding his road to the conservative mantle blocked by Huckabee, Cruz, Carson, and Walker (“he’s all dressed up with no place to go”); and among possible sleepers, including Governors John Kasich and George Pataki, rates two as currently “the most “intriguing ones”: Carly Fiorina (“she broke every glass ceiling on the way to the top”) and Chris Christie (“we’re a country that roots for underdogs”).

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