Adam Goodman: The Daily Beast – Republicans Think They’ll Outfox Trump? Think Again

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The Daily Beast has published a new op-ed penned by Adam Goodman. The piece examines how the establishment plans to stop Trump may, in the end, be undone by the self-described “greatest dealmaker” in America.

Goodman writes:

“As pundits and political prophets focus on deciphering the vagaries of “delegate math” leading into July’s Republican Convention in Cleveland—how many delegates do you need, how do you secure them, how do you keep them—stories abound about how the party establishment is plotting to deny Donald Trump the nomination.

The prevailing theory is that the grand poobahs of party discipline will pursue a three-step strategy. First, they’ll use Ted Cruz as their Trojan Horse to ensure Trump falls short of the 1,237 delegates needed on the first ballot. Then they’ll pivot to stop Cruz from emerging on the second and third ballots. And finally, they’ll implant their own choice as the consensus unifier—John Kasich or Marco Rubio or Scott Walker, now that Paul Ryan has demurred.

There’s just one little problem with this scenario: Donald Trump gets it. He knows the cabal is in laying in wait to use the soon-to-be-infamous rule 40(b)—a nominee must have the majority of voting delegates in at least eight states—to validate the coup despite 16 million voters who by then would have pulled the Trump lever over the others.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.


  1. Come on TRUMP !!! BEAT their high handed CHEATING BUTS, ALL Goverment Agents R VERY GOOD at NOT TELLING the TRUTH !!! ❤️??

  2. We need some one to clean OUT the corrupt agents in the Government !!!! There R PLENTY , I’m SURE !!!! And get The United States HONEST and HELPFUL to it’s PEOPLE !!!! ❤️??❤️ The Police and Firemem An Soliders. an Vets an the older people need The government to CHANGE the WA it TREATS THEM !!!❤️??❤️

  3. The fat lady does’nt sing until either Trump or Cruz get 1237. Getting the ball to the 5 yard line does not give you 1237! If the process goes into overtime, so be it.

  4. Trump supporters are going to be shocked when the GOP nomination rules apply to even him

  5. I am a Party loyalist and a rules person. However, in 2916 with Trump – times, they are “a changin”

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