Americans looking for a government they can rally around. – Florida This Week (WEDU), October 16, 2015

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Adam Goodman joined co-panelists Adam Smith (Tampa Bay Times), John Dingfelder (former Tampa City Council), Mike Deesen (reporter for WTSP 10 News) on Florida this week to discuss public affairs across Florida. Topics from moderator Rob Lorei included Governor Rick Scott’s favored tax incentives for out-of-state businesses to come to Florida and Marco Rubio’s criticism of the recent democratic debate.

“It’s all about jobs,” says Goodman of Governor Scott’s initiative. “His problem, though, is that as much as he’s trying to make a sales pitch to out of state businesses to move their jobs and operations here… he’s first got to make a sales pitch to his own in the state legislature to let him do that.”

Goodman called for Republicans to pull together to help create a “jobs creation endeavor that people can rally around.”

Goodman also tackled Rubio’s criticisms of the Democratic debate and strategy. Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have decried the impact of “big dollars” in political campaigns as Americans express displeasure with the political system as a whole.

Marco Rubio criticized Democrats in the debate, saying the race is more about who will give away the most free stuff if they are elected.

“What you saw in the debate was classic Democrat vs. Republican confrontation,” said Goodman. “[The Democrats] give away everything.”

Panelists also discussed a recent University of South Florida survey that showed most Floridians still feel financially stressed.

“This isn’t about partisanship,” said Goodman, calling for leadership from those in government. “People are turning to the system that they don’t trust to fix [the economy].”

Without trust in the system, Goodman says government initiatives like transportation will see major setbacks.

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